Subscription Agreement
What you can expect from us as a subscriber:

  • Targeted research, not just lists. We provide research services customized for your specific needs. Strategic research. Since our researchers understand the recruiting process they are able to provide creative solutions to your search challenges.
  • Timely research. In most cases your projects can be done within 24 hours unless the sheer volume, number of projects, or difficulty exceeds what can be done in that time frame. Most projects can be done within 48 hours regardless of difficulty.
  • Guaranteed Research. If our research doesn't fit your needs or is inaccurate in any way we are committed to staying with the project until you are satisfied we have done the best job possible.

What NOT to expect from us:

  • Sourcing candidates. We provide research for your sourcing efforts, we do not do sourcing for you. If this is of interest to you, we recommend our sister company.
  • Creating information that doesn't exist. We mention this because some clients have failed to understand that you can't research what doesn't exist.
  • Our limits. We will provide up to 1,000 candidate contacts per week and up to 3 marketing lists per week, except by previous arrangement. This amount exceeds the number of calls that the average recruiting firm can make in a week. Rest assured that our provision will exceed your expectations.

What we expect from you:

  • Written research requests with as much detail as possible so our team can be accurate as possible and so that all requests can be adequately tracked.
  • Payment at time of research assignment.
  • The research we provide is intended solely for the use of your firm and you agree not to give away, share, or sell the data in the form of names, emails, phone numbers, titles, and or resource documents to a third party. Should it be determined that any subscriber has sold or shared information with a third party this subscription will be terminated immediately with no remedy for renewal. Violators are liable for financial damages incurred as a result.